ZUMBA® FITNESS is dance fitness based on international rhythms.  Salsa, Samba, Merengue, Bachata, Flamenco, Belly dance, Reggaeton, Afro-Beats, Calypso, Hip Hop, and more are incorporated into ZUMBA® FITNESS .

Do I need to know how to dance to ZUMBA® FITNESS?

Absolutely not! ZUMBA® FITNESS is designed for everyone, every shape, every age.  Anyone can start a ZUMBA® FITNESS class and have fun!  ZUMBA® FITNESS is not limited to dancers, fitness fanatics or seniors.  All exercisers from beginner to advance will enjoy the benefits of a ZUMBA® FITNESS class.

What language are the ZUMBA® classes?

Dance is a Universal language, just watch the moves, repeat and after a few lessons you can start to improve technique when knows the moves. The moves are easy and are made that way so that you can enjoy dancing rather than trying to remember complicated routines. There is very limited speech in ZUMBA® FITNESS.

Is there any special equipment?

The only equipment you will need is your sneakers, a towel and water because you will sweat!  And have fun doing it!

How is ZUMBA® FITNESS different than any other exercise class?

Unlike other exercise classes, ZUMBA® FITNESS is a party!  Loud music, dancing and having fun while working out is what a ZUMBA® FITNESS class is all about!

What if I don’t know the steps to a dance?

If you don’t know the steps to a dance, fake it!  It’s all about having fun! (And a little work-out as well.)

How long do ZUMBA® classes last?

Classes can be 45 minutes to 1 hour.  During that time, you can burn up to 500 calories or more, so be prepared to have some fun and to sweat!

Is there anything else I need to know about ZUMBA® FITNESS?

ZUMBA® FITNESS is an individual activity but requires lots of people to make it fun. If you have a partner or friend it’s a great way to have some fun together, but also once you have tried Zumba® Fitness you will see the friendliness and warmth of the other students who are also their to have a fun time so it is also a social event, a way of meeting new and like minded people. Zumba® Fitness is the new night club feel with another kind of adrenalin rush.